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School News

Tomorrow is the first day of school!

We are thrilled to be back and to see your children again very soon! A visible nametag with first name, last name and grade is very helpful! If your child is shy or is new to our school, we will make sure your child is walked over to the right adult. All classroom teachers will be holding balloons and class lists. If your child takes the bus, please check to make sure you know when drop-off is. Dismissal for all students is 2:30 p.m. in the school yard. See you tomorrow!

When you get to school OLF Sept. 2022

Register today. School starts on Tuesday, September 6.

Our building is closed for the summer, but you can still register for school using the online registration form on the OCSB website. Go to ocsb.ca/register to learn more and complete the form. We look forward to welcoming your child on September 6!

School Calendar