School Council Members

The following parents are members of our School Council Executive Team for 2019-20

Chair: Susan Trickey
Secretary: Sarah Heidinga
Treasurer: Laura Recoskie

Virtual Academy Representative: Sandra Cassone

Parent Council Email:

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Your School Council Welcomes You! 

This school year, like all things, looks a little different than we are used to but what a better time to be involved in your child’s education and to be informed about what is going in their school.  We welcome all parents to join us at our monthly meetings or to volunteer for the various School Council initiatives.  We understand that you might not be able to make every meeting or volunteer for every event, just help when you can, be part of you child’s education and meet some fantastic parents, teachers, educational assistants, and of course our principal.  We look forward to meeting you!  If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for School Council initiatives please don’t hesitate to contact us at .

School Council Challenges

The OLF School Council is starting a new fun and exciting monthly school challenge to inspire our school community (including both our in-school learners and those in the virtual academy) to get creative! Each month we will issue a new challenge and encourage you to share your creation with the school community by posting a photo and tagging @olfcouncil with the challenge hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and/or posting it in the comments section of the challenge post on the OLF Parent Council Facebook page. All participating families will be entered in a monthly gift card draw!! If you have any questions about the monthly challenges or have a suggestion for a upcoming challenge email

Let’s see if we can start a “Rainbow Connection” between all of our OLF families by participating in this month’s OLF Rainbow Challenge!   Post a picture the rainbow you created on Twitter or Instagram tagging @olfcouncil with the #OLFRBChallenge or post it in the comments on the OLF Parent Council Facebook Page.  All participants will be entered in a gift card prize draw!

Council News & Information

Mabel's Labels


Our Lady of Fatima is fundraising with Mabel's LabelsWith so many items landing in our lost and found, Parent Council is hoping adding labels will ensure items make it back to your child.  Please visit and search for Our Lady of Fatima (Ottawa) to place your order and support our fundraiser.

What is a School Council? 

School Councils play a vital role in Ontario’s Education system and provide a forum through which parents and other members of school communities can contribute to school life. Each publicly funded elementary and secondary school in Ontario is required to have a school council. Parent involvement in their children’s education is critical to the overall achievement of students. When parents are actively involved in their children’s education, the level of student achievement increases, students attend school more regularly, finish more homework in a consistent manner, and display a more positive attitude toward school. Membership on a school council also benefits the individuals involved. The personal advantages of becoming a school council member include: 

Being an important partner in the education system, whose views are valued; 

  1. Contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement; 

  2. Having a vehicle through which to express opinions; 

  3. Being able to keep informed about what is happening at the school and the board, and the provincial level of education 

(Excerpt from School Councils, A Guide For Members Ontario Ministry of Education) 

OCSB Parent Involvement

The Ottawa Catholic School Board Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is a provincially mandated committee made up of parents, a trustee, a principal and the Director of Education. The purpose of PIC is to support, encourage and enhance parent engagement at the school board level in order to improve student achievement and well-being. The parent members of the OCSB PIC are appointed by CSPA.  The PIC provides annual funding to the school to help support activities that encourage student and family engagement.  In years passed this funding has been used to support the Annual Family Dance in June.

The Catholic School Parents’ Association (CSPA) is a volunteer group representing the parents in our school board.  They are a resource for school councils and the parent community for information on local and provincial education issues. Through their website, Twitter, and email newsletters, they provide updates on education in Ottawa & Ontario; plus they share great tips, resources and information to help parents support their children in school. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join their email list, follow them on Twitter or attend CSPA monthly meetings.  You can learn more about CSPA here and the work they do to support parents and their children in our schools. 

Council Meeting Information

For the 2020 -2021 school year the School Council will meeting Virtually at 6:30 pm every 2nd Monday of the month.  The links to the Google Meets will be included in the school “Week-at-a-Glance” email or email to be added to the School Council contact list.

Council Meetings Minutes 2020 - 2021

Council Meetings Minutes 2019 - 2019

What Has The School Council Done for Me Lately?

  1. Student Agendas - The School council pays a large portion of the student agendas every year to reduce cost for parents. 

  2. Scientists in the Schools - Scientists in the School is a program that provides fun and engaging STEM workshop in the classroom.  The School Council has funded this great program for many years to help bring this resource into your child’s classroom and get them excited about science! 

  3. Gym equipment – In 2019 the School Council funded the purchase of new gym equipment including basketballs, soccer balls and tennis and a ball rack to help support your child’ physical education.

  4. School Beautification Projects - The School Council has supported many beautification projects over the years including the colourful murals in the hallways and stairwells of school as well as the colourful fish that surround the schoolyard.

  5. Christmas Craft Kits – The School Council recently funded and assembled Christmas decoration craft kids for all of our in-school learners as well as some of our virtual learners to help celebrate the holiday season. You likely had one of these festive creations hanging on your Christmas tree this year.

  6. Teacher and School Resources – With the changing face of in-school learning due to the pandemic educators have had to find new ways to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines both in the classroom and in the school yard. The School Council recently funded resources such as speakers sets for some of the classrooms as well as new yard equipment (pylons, frisbees, snow brick makers) for kids to play with at recess.